For over 40 years, NRI Services has been one of the most trusted and leading service providers to our global customers.

We are a team of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Bankers, Former Bureaucrats, Solicitors, Investment Advisors, Real Estate Professionals, Investment Planners operating out of multiple offices in India & with 5 Overseas Offices in Canada, USA, Australia & UAE.

Our goal is simple to be a trusted partner to our customers and communities and assist them in achieving their goals.

Statement on Trust & Service

  1. 40 Year Old Firm Practising in NRI Related Laws
  2. Complete Transparency in Client Dealings
  3. 100% Commitment to Work Ethic
  4. Unimpeachable Reputation & Outstanding Goodwill
  5. Established clientele across Northern America, UK, Europe & ANZ Region who vouch for excellent service
  6. Continous Stream of Client Referrals from satisfied clients
  7. NRI Services Team willing to go out of their comfort zone and ever eager to resolve pain points of NRI Clients

Services Offerings & Write up

  • NRI Real Estate Buy & Sell Advisory
  • NRI Money Transfers
  • NRI Taxation
  • NRI FEMA Matters
  • NRI Legal Services
  • NRI Land Record Search
  • Wills & Trust Advisory