Money transfers from India can be fast and simple while others are more complex and can take months to complete. Non-Resident Indians can transfer from accounts in India up to $1million USD per financial year out of their past savings in India and from the sale of the properties in India.  Non-Resident Indians can take money outside India without any limits on account of their current incomes arising from interest, rent, pension, salaries, dividends etc.

NRI money transfers are guided by Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999. Additionally, any transfers from India to any other country also guided by the extent provisions in the Indian Income Tax Act 196.  Non-Resident Indians must ensure FEMA and Tax compliance while taking funds out of India.

We are the largest agency assisting thousands of NRI’s in repatriation of their money and we work closely with almost all the leading National and Global public and private sector banks.

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Other Services:

Bank accounts, we can assist NRI’s from countries like USA, Canada, Australia & UK  open bank accounts in India while residing outside India as well as activating dormant accounts of NRI’s with Indian banks that have been de-activated/frozen by the banks in India on account of inactivity of these accounts.

Foreign Exchange – NRI Services leverages its extensive network and volume of transactions in assisting NRI’s in attaining the best rates of Forex transfers from Indian Banks.

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